Saturday, 16 May 2009

Yet more Zach Morris rumours surface

Just as a disclaimer, I do not believe what Zach Morris is saying, and I am reporting on these "rumours" to show to others that they are not true.

On FGNOnline there have been yet more false rumours surrounding a possible Sega console, as well as apparent details on the next Yakuza game.

The follow-up to the original "new console" article, which was supposed to give details on a handheld based on RingWide technology, has been "cancelled". According to Zach Morris, Sega-Sammy themselves have requested that he does not publish the article. How very convenient.

A new rumour has surfaced from the same site, outlining concepts for the next Yakuza game. It will apparently be more Grand Theft Auto-based, to avoid a possible GTA: Tokyo taking away Yakuza sales. I suspect this article was posted to draw attention away from the consoles and make the website more credible.

I have personally been sent "tips" about FGNOnline from the Zach Morris hoaxer himself. Both Zach Morris and the sender of the tips have an email address ending "", which seems rather uncommon. This proves further that all the rumours are false.

[Source: FGNOnline]

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