Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sonic mobile screensaver now available on more models

Here's some useless information for you if you don't happen to own a Japanese mobile phone, but Sega's Sonic screensaver is now available on many more models.

First announced back in April, the Sonic screensaver is designed to be like a virtual pet, reacting when you get a message or phone call. Sonic does many different things on the screen to keep you entertained.

The screensaver is completely free, and is now available on the following obscure phones:
  • P001
  • T001
  • SH001
  • H001
  • S001
  • W63CA
  • W63H
  • Premier 3
  • CA001
  • W64SH
  • W65T
The screensaver is probably in Java or Flash format, so it may be compatible on Western phones. I have no idea how or where you would download it, however!

New screenshots were also released, viewable above.

[Source: Sonic Channel]

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