Monday, 2 February 2009

Sonic Chaos released on Virtual Console

The rumours were true: Sonic Chaos has been released on the Virtual Console! You can buy it off the North American store for 500 Wii Points, with Europe having to wait as always.

In this game, originally released on the Master System in 1993, you can choose to be either Sonic or Tails. It is close to the 16-bit versions in style, more so than the original Master System Sonic the Hedgehog.

I have not played the game myself (someone sniped me on eBay!) but Virtual Console Reviews has only given the game 2/5. They do say, however, that Sonic fans may still enjoy it. That means me.

Technically this game should be called Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos as the North American version, Sonic Chaos was only released on Game Gear. It seems that the original differing names are being kept.

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