Thursday, 5 February 2009 rises from the grave

One of the most popular Sega Saturn sites from back in the day,, has risen from the grave. Abandoned in 2005, the site was revived last month after the owner got many emails demanding the site be brought back up. He said that he finally realised that it was a mistake to shut it down.

The website itself looks like it came straight out of 1995, with the news updates on the homepage going right back to 1998 - "Sega unveils Dreamcast". The owner says that there won't be many updates to the site now, except for occasional "cleaning up". Instead the website will be preserved for historical reference and nostalgia.

The website is certainly nostalgic to me - I didn't know of the site before it shut down but it reminds me of when I first got the internet. How I miss Web 1.0! I even miss reading 1997 Tamagotchi diaries. Those were the days.

[Source: Digital Press]

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