Sunday, 8 February 2009

Mr. Nutz 2 source code released

Someone over on the ASSEMblergames forums has apparently released the source code for the unreleased Mega Drive game Mr. Nutz 2. The game is actually a port of the original Amiga game, developed in 1995 by German team Neon Studios.

The downloads do not work, however, as the bandwidth has been exceeded. There are currently no working mirrors, so we don't know if the code is genuine as of yet.

A few years ago some screenshots of the game were released by someone who worked on the game. They did not release any source code due to legal reasons. It is only now that the code has been released, ready to be turned into a working emulator image.

The game was actually reviewed at the time, but never released due to the waning Mega Drive market. Ocean subsequently stopped producing Mega Drive and other 16-bit games as a whole, moving onto next-generation systems. The Mega Drive would actually continue to be supported in Europe for another three years.

I really hope the source code is genuine as Mr. Nutz is one of my favourite platformers. It was always a shame that only one Mr. Nutz game was released for home consoles, so now we may finally be able to play another game from the series.

I will post more information as soon as I get it, which looks likely to be in the next few days. The Sega scene works fast!

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