Monday, 9 February 2009

Interesting Mr. Nutz 2 graphics uncovered

You don't wanna mess with Mr. Nutz!

After downloading the recently released source code for Mr. Nutz 2, I opened some of the graphics files to find much interesting stuff!

All of the graphics files are in IFF format, confirming that the game was developed on an Amiga. Browsing through them I found the full title screen, including the squirrel's signature quiff; a giant fist, and some fonts.

Of course, all of the graphics were included, so looking through each individual parallax layer and sprite was weird. I can't wait until this is finally compiled, which will have to be done on an Amiga.

Here is the original post from last April about the discovery of Mr. Nutz 2, which is where the screenshots originated. It seems one of the developers of the game has an actual working rom image, not the poster of the source code as assumed by the screenshots that accompanied it.

In other news, someone has ported Wolfenstein over to the 32X. Annoyingly, many major blogs have reported on this before me even though I knew about it a while ago. I was waiting until it was out of alpha stages before I posted, so I've missed out! Anyway, the game is progressing quickly and music is expected soon. I'll post more when the game is further down the line!

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