Thursday, 12 February 2009

Mr. Nutz 2 cannot be compiled

Since the Mr. Nutz 2 source code was released last week, there have been several attempts by the Sega community to compile it into a playable rom image. Unfortunately, this has proved to be impossible.

It was first discovered that the source must be compiled on an Amiga. Then, when the game was compiled, some files turned out to be missing. One missing file, "Levels_all", could be created with data all ready present, but "Mickey.library" was entirely missing. This would have made up the core of the game's engine.

Many other files and folders were missing, further cementing the impossibility of the game's assembly. Some people believe that the source code was leaked by a former member of Neon - the game's developer and original poster of emulator screenshots. Therefore these files may have deliberately been left out.

Some members of the community have been urging the creator to release the full game. It would be unlikely that he would be sued, as Ocean were bought out in 1998 and the name "Mr. Nutz" has not been used by Infogrames since 2002.

Perhaps in the future a working rom image or the complete source code will be found. We'll just have to wait and see.

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