Thursday, 15 January 2009

Win a Mega Drive Ultimate Collection record!

Yes, that's record as in vinyl. It features classic songs found on Mega Drive Ultimate Collection, released sometime in the next few months.

The record itself is blue, and has six songs:

Side A
Space Harrier - Main Theme (4:09)
Ristar - Star Humming (3:28)
Vectorman - Day 3/Tidal Surge (3:03)

Side B
Golden Axe - Turtle Village (2:13)
Phantasy Star 2 - Restration [sic] (2:07)
Vectorman 2 - Scene 18/Shout and Twist (3:46)

Unfortunately, the record is only limited edition, and is not available to buy. The only way to get hold of one of these is to win one of the competitions run by Sega Europe, on their Facebook and blog pages. I would so buy one if I could!

The song choices are not what I would have gone for. I would have chosen some Streets of Rage I/II tracks, and some Sonic ones. Revenge of Shinobi had ace music, and so did Columns! It would be too hard for me to pick just six songs from the Mega Drive's excellent musical library.

Some new screenshots of the compilation have been released, this time of the Phantasy Star series. See the rest on Sega Europe's Flickr.

Why try and appeal to the kids with "HD" graphics when it's the adults who will buy this?

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