Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Sega employee reveals Sonic secrets

If you've been on any other gaming blogs these past few weeks you may have read about a Sega employee releasing information about the Sonic series on his blog. I didn't report on that as it was ancient news from a blog I read at the time, only just rediscovered through archiving. But this time, we have new information!

Over on 4chan, a user that goes by the name of "Wentos" has been revealing information about the Sonic series not previously known. He claims to work in Sega's localisation department, but at present this has not been confirmed.

Here is a list of things he has said:
  • A whole new team was brought together to make the next-gen versions of Sonic Unleashed, all straight from university and long-time Sonic fans. The team will handle the main series from here.
  • He suggested the "Tails is a girl joke" in Sonic Unleashed.
  • The next Sonic game will feature optional characters, as in Sonic 2 and 3. They will not be essential to the storyline and are selectable, potentially meaning less new characters every game.
  • The next Sonic game will be completely in the style of the Sonic Unleashed daytime levels, with more platforming elements where you actually have to slow down. There will be no game-ruining gimmicks like the "werehog".
  • The main series will be kept quiet for a while, apparently for a year and a half.
  • Chao will probably not return to the series again.
  • Sonic Adventure 2 was the lowest-budget Sonic game ever, followed by Sonic Heroes. Sonic Unleashed cost more to develop than all the Dreamcast Sonic games combined.
  • Wii versions of Sonic games have deliberately lower budgets to make more money off the family audience, whilst a loss is made on the higher-quality next-gen versions.
  • Filler titles (Riders/Storybook series) also recuperate lost money from next-gen versions.
  • There will probably be a Sonic Riders 3.
  • Legal reasons meant that Sonic Chronicles had to use fan-made midis for some music.
  • Sonic Unleashed recycled parts from Sonic '06, for example Eggmanland uses parts of Aquatic Base.
  • Sonic Unleashed was developed for four years, intended to be the "true" Sonic '06.
This is all very interesting, but he cannot be fully trusted as of yet. If he is indeed genuine then the next main Sonic game sounds amazing! I'm sure we'll here more from Wentos the Travelling Salesman soon!

[Source: TSSZ News]

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