Saturday, 31 January 2009

Weekly Famitsu: Volume 1052 (13/02/09)

Last week I posted about Famitsu's mascot character Necky the Fox, and that I would like to feature him more often. Now, thanks to NCSX, I can! Whenever he appears on the cover (usually every fortnight) I will post it, regardless of whether it has a Sega game on the front. If he is not on the cover, I will report whatever Sega news is in the magazine that week.

Anyway, this week Necky is appearing in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. He looks rather weird, brandishing some sort of giant hammer and the necessary hair to go with it. Nice.

This week's Famitsu also has a feature on the best game logos, which includes Sonic. My favourite Sonic logo is Sonic 3's chrometastic one, but as for greatest overall logo, one of the best is Arkanoid. Unfortunately modern game logos are generally boring and simple, with no airbrushes in sight!

More Famitsu news next time!

[Source: NCSX]

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