Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sega actually uses Metacritic

In an interview with, it seems that Sega Europe president Mike Hayes actually uses score aggregation site Metacritic. For those who don't know, Metacritic takes review scores from many publications and produces an average. This applies to film, television and games among others.

Hayes says that Metacritic provides "objectivity into the business", with good scores contributing to a game's success. He also says that "there’s too much evidence that shows games which score below a certain level in certain genres are not going to cut through", but "there are other genres and other platforms where we wouldn’t put a developer against that score, because it’s more about the brand, the license, the release timing".

He must have been talking about Sonic in the last part there. Sonic games sell so much regardless of quality, there's no point in trying to make them any good. Maybe one day Sega will realise that high quality is still important, as are review scores to a certain extent.

[Source: Crispy Gamer]

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