Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sega's weird Lego-block game revealed

Sega have released some details concerning what they will be showcasing at next month's Amusement Expo 2009. One of the games, Block Pipo, will use an entirely new method of control - lego-style building blocks.

Only a few images of the arcade game have been released, but Geek.com have said that players must build the blocks beneath the character's feet in order to collect objects on the screen. They cannot tell, however, whether or not you control the character yourself once the blocks have been placed.

Sega says that two machines can be placed together for multiplayer competitive or coöperative play. The game sounds very interesting, like some sort of puzzle-platformer where you must build the platforms yourself.

Lego blocks certainly are an interesting method of control, but we can now expect more things like this with the success of the Wii and its control method. That's not to say that there hasn't been weird control methods before that - think of Konami's dance mat, Mattel's Power Glove or even Atari's Mind Link, whereby you control the game with your mind.

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