Monday, 5 January 2009

Pier Solar's boxes revealed

This is a little late as I have only just found their new website, but the boxes for the upcoming Mega Drive game Pier Solar have been revealed. The game is region-free, but you can choose which regional style your box will be.

You can choose from the later European blue box, the Japanese Mega Drive box or the North American Genesis box. They are made out of cardboard rather than plastic, as the original clamshell design proved unsatisfactory. The box has holders for the cartridge and Mega-CD enhancement disc.

The box art itself is very nice, and is much better than Super Fighter Team's recent efforts. Their latest game, Legend of Wukong, was released for the Mega Drive on December 3rd.

Look how delicious the manual will be!

A while back I reported that the release date had been pushed back. This is indeed true, and will now see a release nearer May 2009. The loss of a team member on the project and graphical improvements have caused the release date to slip back.

The game is looking very good, and I hope it is a success. The developers, Water Melon, say that if the sales are good then they will look at creating more Mega Drive games in the future. Something that isn't an RPG, please!

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