Saturday, 10 January 2009

Mario and Sonic sprites discovered in same Mega Drive game

Someone over on the Sonic Retro forums has discovered that Mario and Sonic were present in the 1994 Mega Drive game Mega Turrican. It is confirmed that they are in both the PAL and NTSC versions of the game.

Whilst messing around on the Mega Drive emulator Genecyst, the user TmEE (a regular on the Sega scene and developer on Pier Solar) discovered that Mario and Sonic sprites were present in the VRAM.

The Mario sprite appears to be taken from Super Mario World, and the Sonic sprite looks like it was based on his 8-bit games.

It is not known whether they were ever used in the game, but there is apparently a secret level where they may be hiding! This means that Mega Turrican could be the first licensed game with both Mario and Sonic in it, or as one user put it, "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Mega Turrican". Quite.

What other interesting unused information could be lurking in old games? We'll have to leave that question to the hackers.

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