Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Anyone for some Sonic-themed tat?

Sega Europe have posted some of the things they will be showcasing at this year's Amusement Trades Exhibition, and some of the prizes you can win from the machines are pure tat. That doesn't mean us Sega fans don't want them though, does it?

These are some Sonic slippers, but are not guaranteed to increase your running speed. I have always wanted Tails' shoes, but it doesn't look like Sega will ever manufacture them. I'm still waiting for the Nike 2015s THAT AREN'T LIMITED EDITION.

Next is a giant Sonic MP3 player. It holds 1GB of memory, and the buttons are situated all over Sonic's body. Yes, even there. Now, I thought one of the main advantages of MP3 players was their portability, something this is sorely lacking. Anyway, it's yours for just £24.98!

Next are some plushies that you can win from this Sonic UFO machine, sans any Sega Visions. Thankfully they are not as deformed as ones I have seen.

Unfortunately I have never seen a Sega Amusements machine with anything Sonic related in, instead having rubbishy phones and iPods in them. JE VOUDRAIS UN CHEAPLY MADE SONIC PLUSHIE, S'IL VOUS PLAÎT!

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