Monday, 29 December 2008

Sega adverts appear in "Best of the Worst" list

In 1up's latest list feature, entitled "The Best Worst Videogame Ads - Part 4", some of Sega's efforts from the '90s have been included. One of them is a Game Gear advert, which uses offensive tactics to convince you to buy one; and the other is for Phantasy Star IV, which I don't see anything wrong with.

I actually quite like the graphic design of Sega's early-'90s adverts, which were confined to North America. In Europe, Sega didn't try to offend us to gain sales. Apparently, you are colourblind and dumb if you don't buy a Game Gear. I wouldn't go that far.

The reason Phantasy Star IV got on the list was because the characters were airbrushed, despite this being common practice back then. Obviously now computers would be used for this kind of thing, but in the future they will look cheesy.

Anyway, click here to see the whole list.

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