Thursday, 27 November 2008

Dreamcast is 10 today!

Today is the tenth anniversary of the legendary Sega Dreamcast, launched on the 27th November 1998 in Japan. Unfortunately the console's commercial life would end in just four years, killed off by the PlayStation 2. Grrr.

I think it's tragic that the Dreamcast didn't succeed. It sold so well at the beginning, but the launch of the PS2 ended this. Maybe if the Dreamcast had survived the hype surrounding the PS2, we would be buying Sonic Unleashed for it as well as the Dreamcast 2! To compensate for the fact that I didn't get a Dreamcast (I had a PlayStation and then stupidly got a GameCube) I have bought two. But this isn't enough to bring it back to life!

But let's remember the console positively. It had some amazing Sega arcade conversions, brilliant fighters and epic shooters. Dreamcast truly had the edge in the arcade department, and could have kept the scene alive instead of games today all being about storylines and length. Games are still being produced now, with Puzzle Battles and Dux being released in the last month.

Happy birthday, Dreamcast. And happy future birthday Dreamcast 2 (extreme optimism at its finest)!

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