Sunday, 5 October 2008

Weird Sonic picture found!

Whilst browsing through Sega Europe's Flickr, I came across this:


This mysterious picture appears to be a segment of a Sonic logo, perhaps for an unannounced game? This was uploaded on September 19th, and I have no idea if anyone knows what it is yet. The ring and wings clearly indicate it is a Sonic game, although the only descriptions to go with the picture were "hmmm" and "What the...?". Sega of America's Flickr has no further information, suggesting that the game is being developed by Sega Europe.

A recent rumour suggests that Sega are to release a Sonic Mega Drive collection for Xbox 360 and PS3, discovered from listings on Amazon and Gamefly. The game is set to be released in February 2009. Could this be part of the logo for this collection?

Does anyone have any more info on this Sega weirdness? I'll post as soon as anything is revealed.

EDIT 06/10/08: The apparent upcoming compilation is rumoured to be called "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection", presumably being renamed "...Mega Drive Collection" in other regions. The "ultimate" may suggest that the compilation will include titles such as Sonic Spinball, Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix. Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs are capable of holding very large amounts of data, so more content than previous compilations is expected.

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