Monday, 6 October 2008

MadWorld's controls get reworked

Platinum Games is said to be reworking the controls for its latest game, MadWorld, according to Joystiq. The news comes from Nintendo's Media Summit, where the game was being displayed but was not playable.

There is speculation as to whether the controls are being reworked due to technical problems (which has been an issue with the Wii controller in the past), or because they are just being improved.

Platinum Games has said that they are working closely with the ESRB in order to achieve an "M" rating, so that the ultra-violent game actually sees release. Previously, violent games such as Manhunt 2 have not been released in some regions or have been severely delayed. Sega says there are no plans to release the game in Japan, Germany or Australia.

Whatever the reason for the changes, the game will still give us all new ways to saw heads and limbs off people. Joy.

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