Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition released on US Virtual Console

M. Bison's hands have always weirded me out in this picture...

On Monday Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition was released on the US Virtual Console. There has been no release date for the European Store yet.

Although many of the SNES Street Fighter II ports are available, this is the first Mega Drive incarnation. Special Champion Edition is vastly superior to the SNES's Hyper Fighting in terms of music and playability, and even has more gameplay options. Graphically they are very similar, and the only thing that the SNES version has over the Mega Drive version is the sound effects.

In my opinion it is best to buy Special Champion Edition over Hyper Fighting, as it includes the SNES's Hyper mode as well as the new Champion mode. Also included is the exclusive five-on-five "Group Battle" mode. If any American tells you to buy the SNES version, ignore them!

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