Wednesday, 15 October 2008

New Shining Force trademark emerges

Link battling some Stalfos in the Legend of Zelda... I mean Shining Force... erm...

Recently a trademark application for "Shining Force Gear" appeared, along with many others. This would be the latest addition to the Shining series, which includes Dungeon and RPG games, as well as the Shining Force Strategy games. Here is the full list of new Sega trademarks off Kotaku:

セガ (Sega)
商願2008-069004 でこぼこモータース (Bumpy Motors)
商願2008-069693 §GALiLEO\FACTORY\ガリレオファクトリー
商願2008-070753 シャイニングフォースギア\SHININGFORCEGEAR
商願2008-071457 天空盤 (Tenkuu ban)
商願2008-071458 TouchLive

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