Sunday, 5 October 2008

New "Sega Vision" handheld announced

I'm sure most of you will have heard by now, but Sega is making a return to the hardware market with the announcement of the "Sega Vision" on Friday. It is to be a Portable Media Player, or "PMP", and will boast a number of features: a portable TV tuner, movie player, music player, digital camera and video camera, an e-book reader, voice recorder, and the ability to play Java games.


It's not all that exciting though. Touted by the press as a "PSP beater", the Sega Vision is apparently just a rebranding of an existing Chinese PMP. However, according to, there is the possibility of Java versions of Sega's classic games coming to the Sega Vision. The system will have the power of a top mobile phone, so hopefully it will be able to handle these conversions.

With only 2GB of space, the Sega Vision's storage is small in comparison to the latest iPods (or iP3 players as they are called by adults), but is perfect for the people like me who struggle to fill their ancient 256MB MP3 Players.

The name "Sega Vision" conjures up images of the early 1980s to me, where all consoles/companies had "vision" in their name, for example "Colecovision", "Microvision" and "Activision". At least it's better than "iSEGA".

The Sega Vision will launch in the UK next year, with some already being available in a London arcade. People are speculating that the price will be around the same as the Nintendo DS. Although Sega's reëntry into the console market remains in the distant future, this is still an exciting announcement. I'm sure a lot of Sega fans have exclaimed "WANT!" at their computer screens already.

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