Thursday, 5 March 2009

Famitsu gives Sonic and the Black Knight 26/40

Famitsu mascot Necky as Sonic, sans armour and huge sword...

Some of the latest Famitsu scores have been released, one of them being for Sonic and the Black Knight. The score is predictably average, not even receiving a "courtesy score" usually awarded to games with large fanbases.

The game received 6/6/7/7 or 26/40, rounding out at 6.5/10. This is an all-too-familiar number for recent Sonic games, consistently gaining fives and sixes with few positive exceptions.

IGN gave the game a spectacularly low 3.9/10, citing the extreme departure from the classic Sonic formula one of the main reasons for its downfall. I would have to agree with this comment - the game is only Sonic in name.

This latest edition in the Wii's "Storybook" franchise was released on Tuesday in North America, and will be released in all other regions next week.

[Source: TSSZ News]

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