Monday, 8 June 2009

Latest Sega buys are pants

Today I bought some Sega-related brilliance; one a game, the other... not a game.

The first thing I bought was Puyo Pop Fever for the GameCube, priced at £2.99 from GameStation. They must be trying to get rid of their remaining stock, although they'll never shift a mouldy Super Smash Bros. for £11.99!

The next thing I bought was truly epic. Never did I think you could buy underpants with Sega on them, but now you can at New Look for just £5! Yes, these y-fronts have a Mega Drive controller and Saturn 3D controller on them, as well as a SNES pad, a Game Boy, a PlayStation, an Atari Lynx and a plug-and-play Atari joystick.

You know you want to buy some now. If not to wear, to frame.

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