Friday, 19 June 2009

Arcade version of Golden Axe to be released on Virtual Console

Next week, the arcade version of the Sega classic Golden Axe will be released on the Japanese Virtual Console. The game will retail for 800 Wii Points, the same price as the Mega Drive version.

There are some differences between the Mega Drive and the arcade version, which may make you consider buying both. The arcade version features a higher colour palette, better animation and sound, parallax scrolling and generally more detail. The Mega Drive version, due to technical limitations, has less colour and detail but makes up for it with two extra levels and two extra modes ("Beginner" and "Duel").

All of the Mega Drive versions of Golden Axe are available on the Virtual Console, including Golden Axe III which was never released in cartridge form outside of Japan. They are also available on Mega Drive Ultimate Collection.

There has been no mention of a North American or European release yet.

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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