Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Were ThinkGeek's new Dreamcasts, well, old?

Nice Transformers covers!

Last month, ThinkGeek were selling a batch of new Dreamcasts for $100, all of which promptly sold out. Branded as "new in box", one buyer has stated that his was far from it.

Costing around $200 including postage, the anonymous buyer has said:
"While the extra controller was new, the console was far from it. The console itself is roughed up - the barcode has been scratched, the console's plastic has gunk on it."
He mentions there was further damage, things that time alone could not have caused. He has requested a refund from ThinkGeek, who, after two weeks, have not yet responded.

Could this mean all the consoles were used? Perhaps old systems were put in new boxes, or only some parts of the package were entirely new. So far this has been the only complaint to surface, so this may have been the only "old" console.

To sum it up, the buyer says:
"I could have easily bought a used Dreamcast locally for $25."
He could have indeed.

[Source: Destructoid via TSSZNews]

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