Saturday, 30 May 2009

Vintage Collection dates released

Yesterday Sega revealed the release dates for the games part of Vintage Collection 2. The games will be available to download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Some of the titles have added online functionality, such as the ability to play Sonic 3's Competition Mode over the internet.

A price for the individual downloads has not been released yet, and neither has confirmation of whether some of the games will remain XBLA exclusive.

Here are the release dates:
  • Gunstar Heroes - June 10th (XBLA), June 11th (PSN), Online
  • Altered Beast - June 10th (XBLA), Online
  • Shinobi (Arcade Version) - June 10th (XBLA), No online
  • Comix Zone - June 10th (XBLA), No online
  • Phantasy Star II - June 10th (XBLA), No online
  • Sonic 3 - June 10th (XBLA), Online
  • Sonic and Knuckles - Late Summer 2009 (XBLA), Online
Hopefully more of the games will become available on the PSN, especially Sonic and Knuckles with its Lock-On technology that was (deliberately?) left out of Mega Drive Ultimate Collection. In fact, the best option is probably just to buy the compilation disc - most of the games in Vintage Collection 2 are available on it.

[Source: ShackNews]

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