Monday, 11 May 2009

Sega Europe's retro bargains

Martin the Fat Ninja of the Sega Europe blog has posted his latest haul of retro Sega goodness. He seems to have a lot more luck at car boot sales than I do!

His first find was a Sega "Lock-On" laser tag game, bought for just £2 boxed. I had one of these, though not Sega-branded, unfortunately.

The best find was this box full of Mega Drive games, 58 to be exact. Scarily, it looks almost exactly like my Mega Drive collection. I didn't accidentally sell them to a man in a ninja suit, did I? If I did, I certainly wouldn't have accepted the steal price of £33 for the lot!

The last item is not Sega-branded, but still good. It's a Pac-Man belt bought for £1, originally £15 from GameStation. Lovely.

It's car boot sale season in the UK now, so hopefully I'll get some good bargains this summer. Sega 32X mint in box with games? £1 you say? Deal!

[Source: Sega Europe]


Martin - the fat ninja said...

You wouldn't have know it was me; I wasn't wearing my work clothes ;)

Martin @ SEGA Europe

Sonic Yoda said...

What a lucky git! Took my bloody ages to find a copy of Darius II and I must have paid 7 quid for it aswell!

Rich P said...

Thats an impressive collection. I got into megadrive in 1991 and never had many games. However, i have been scanning car boots and found some ridiculous prices! I now have 80 megadrive games and all sourced from charity shops, ebay and carboot. Amazing memories. Fave game is S.O.R.2 and Gynoug...a very underated scrolling shooter. Very addictive!