Sunday, 24 May 2009

Make 32X games for just £3,000!

In a thread over on Assembler Games about 32X development, someone has uncovered an old advert offering a 32X development kit for just £3,000!

The advert comes from Issue 17 of Edge, released in February 1995. The product is entitled "SNASM2", and is "the world's most exciting development tool for the Sega 32X". Here is a shortened list of the "benefits" of the SNASM2:
  • Hundreds already in use by developers worldwide
  • RAPID PORTING of existing code and code samples
  • Comes complete with GNU C for the SH2
  • Includes the highly-regarded SNASM2 debugger
  • Uses enhanced production Genesis & 32X
  • Uses Non-Maskable Interrupts (NMI) to all 3 processors
  • Simulated boot
  • More than a programming tool, not just an EPROM Emulator
  • High-speed SCSI-2 interface
  • Advanced design incorporating dual port RAM and NMI
  • Supplied with 32Mbit (4MB) of RAM
If you understood all of that then you should hand over your £3,000 straight away! That's about $4,770 to all you Americans, using today's monetary values. A cheaper option would be to buy the "CartDev" 32X kit for just £75 from Andy's Arcade.


I would buy one just so I could say the name - "SNASM2". Or to all you Americans - "S-N-A-S-M-2".

Check out dis '90s attitude!

[Source: ASSEMbler Games, scan Unclejun]

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