Saturday, 7 March 2009

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair released on Virtual Console

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair was released on the European Virtual Console this week for 800 Wii Points. This is the Mega Drive version of Monster Lair, the TurboGrafx-16 version being released in 2007.

The release of this game could be seen as completely pointless, as the all ready available TG-16 version is identical apart from having better graphics and sound. Why would you want to purchase an inferior port?

Most people view this as one of the worst Wonder Boy games, the high points being Dragon's Trap and Monster World. Virtual Console Reviews gave the game just 3/10, one point less than the TG-16 version. They say the game "is easily the weakest entry in the Wonder Boy canon and isn’t worth bothering with, even if you’re a fan of shooters and platformers".

Looks like if you are interested in the game, you're better off buying the TurboGrafx version. They are both the same price, so it's really a no-contest!

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