Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Why can't Sonic swim?

In a recent interview over at VideoGamer.com, Yuji Naka has revealed why Sonic can't swim. Your response may be a bit "oh", but here goes: he thought hedgehogs couldn't, when in fact they can. There.

One of Naka's favourite games is Lemmings, partly because their characteristics in the game are based on the actual animal. That is, hundreds of lemmings walking off a cliff to their death unless you stop them. Very realistic.

Therefore Naka made it so that Sonic couldn't swim - because he thought real-life hedgehogs couldn't. So they can run extremely fast and destroy robots when they roll into a ball? Well yes, that's why Sonic can do those things. Obviously.

The fountain of new Sonic knowledge never seems to end - if only the original creators would tell us everything, or write a book. At least then we wouldn't have to hassle them about Sonic with every interview!

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