Thursday, 19 February 2009

Original "Sonic Bible" released

Someone over on Sonic Retro has bought Sega of America's original "Sonic Bible", containing the backstory for Sonic the Hedgehog. The bible was originally Dean Sitton's, who worked at Sega in the late '80s and early '90s. Yesterday the bible was scanned and uploaded to the internet.

The bible is extremely interesting, revealing new information that has never been used in the games themselves. Apparently, Sonic's real name is "Sonny" and was born in the early 21st Century in Hardly, Nebraska. This is miraculous considering hedgehogs aren't native to North America.

It also seems that Robotnik was always Kintobor originally, something I thought was unique to the UK and US comic series. In fact, most of the bible complies with the backstory given in Sonic the Comic, suggesting that people outside of Sega may have had access to the bible.

Some concepts were ditched entirely, instead adhering to the bible's first drafts. For example, the drafts set Sonic's home planet as Mobius with him residing in Green Hill.

The drafts also have some politically incorrect material. Did you know that Sonic loves "fast food and candy bars" and "needs the calories"? If that were today, he'd be eating his five portions of fruit and veg, setting an example!

You can read the bible here.

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