Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New Sega stuff!

Today was a good day for Sega stuff. Usually I am disappointed with shops these days as they have no retro games - GameStation doesn't sell them anymore thanks to their buyout from Game, and charity shops rarely sell electronics anymore.

Then I stumbled across a great games shop, which also stocked retro games! They had lots of Sega goodness, ranging from the Master System right up to the Dreamcast (there was one Saturn game in the bargain bin).

I bought:
  • After Burner (Master System) - £3.00
  • World Grand Prix (Master System) - £3.00
  • "Dragon" Six-Button Controller (Mega Drive) - £3.00
Most of the other games were rather expensive, so I stuck to the Master System ones. I've been wanting those two for ages!

Now all I need is an Amiga to play the 20+ games I bought for it on Monday for £2. Bargain!

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