Sunday, 22 February 2009

MERCS released on European Virtual Console

Earlier this month, the 1991 Mega Drive shoot-'em-up MERCS was released on the North American Virtual Console. This Thursday it was released on the European store, costing 800 Wii Points.

Virtual Console Reviews gave the game 4/5, or 7/10 under its new scoring system. Mean Machines reviewed the game back in 1991, giving it 88%: "a stunning conversion made even better with the addition of a second, expanded game on the cartridge. Blasting fans shouldn't miss it".

Something I didn't know, as mentioned by Mean Machines, is that the game actually has two versions: an Arcade mode, which is a direct conversion of the coin-op; and an Original mode, with eight new levels.

Maybe I should reference these old magazines more often!

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