Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Famitsu's best selling software list released

The last few issues of Famitsu have been covering software sales in Japan over the last year. The complete list of top-selling games has now been released, including many delicious Sega games.

Phantasy Star Portable was the highest Sega game on the list, charting at #14 and selling 633,954 copies. Next is the indestructible Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, charting at #27 and selling 376,632 copies.

The PS3 spinoff of Yakuza is further down the list at #37, selling 270,438 copies. The immensely overlooked Valkyria Chronicles has charted at #93, selling 141,589 copies; and Saka Tsuku DS has charted at #96, selling 137,051 copies.

The final Sega game in the Top 100 is Yakuza 2 on the PS2, finishing at #98 and selling 136,809 copies. It's weird how so few Western titles were in the list - I'm sure the likes of Sega, Bandai and Namco wouldn't have such a presence in Western Top 100 lists.

[Source: PS3 Hyper]

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