Tuesday, 20 January 2009

SEGAtastic is 3D-compatible!

With the latest 3D technology being used in cinema and 3D games being showcased at CES, I thought it was my turn to follow the recent revival! I have purchased some 3D glasses and made some anaglyph pictures for viewing with them. Can you guess what the main subject of them is?

Why of course, I have taken some 3D Sega-based images! I arranged some of my consoles so that they overlapped to create more depth, and the effect is brilliant. They are black-and-white as they are more effective, and because all Sega consoles are those colours!

If you want to view them you will need some red-cyan 3D glasses, otherwise they will look like modern art. Missing from the pictures are my Mega Drive II and Mega CD II, as they are always set up. Click the images for larger versions.

If only more pictures had 3D versions, then I could make a 3D version of this blog. Maybe one day...

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