Monday, 19 January 2009

MUSHA released on the Virtual Console

It's been a while since anything Sega was released on the Virtual Console, but today V-Scroller MUSHA has become available in North America.

The game was originally released on the Mega Drive back in 1990, and was published by the infamous Toaplan, famous for "All Your Base". It was developed by Compile, who are best known for the Puyo Puyo and Aleste series, the latter of which MUSHA is part of.

MUSHA places regularly on best Mega Drive shooter lists, and commands high prices on eBay. It has never been released in PAL regions (something we would get repaid for with Zero Wing).

For 800 Wii Points, this is definitely recommended for shooter fans. Parallax freaks (i.e. me) will be suitably impressed as well. See a review of the game here.

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