Thursday, 8 January 2009

Dreamcast VMU was to have its own RPG

Ex-Sega employee Marc Cellucci has been talking to Siliconera about his time at the company. It turns out that he was developing an RPG for the Dreamcast's VMU, or its memory card for you PS2 owners. Your fault.

Anyway, it would was quite an ambitious project, featuring scrolling and a whole world map! This is what he said:

"There were plenty of cancelled projects, but very few I can talk about! The one I think I can mention is one I was working on in the days — it was an RPG for the VMU. It was a side project being done by about three of us, and we had a full world map, scrolling engine, and game design all fleshed out, when the plug got pulled from on high. In retrospect, they were probably right… I don’t see a VMU RPG changing the fate of the Dreamcast! We still wanted to make it, though."

A VMU RPG would have been great. Apart from saving games, the most impressive thing the VMU did with our games was display a flashy logo. Yum!

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