Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sony's top secret new game revealed

Now, I know this is not Sega news, but I will report it anyway. I'm not even sure if it has been reported on anywhere else.

Anyway, today I was given a sneak preview of an upcoming Sony game being developed (presumably) in the UK. It is a music game, with lots of small brightly-coloured characters. The characters all have music jacks for arms, and equalisers on their backs. They run around and connect their arms into various plugs to create music.

All I saw were the characters and a brief outline of the gameplay. To me this sounds like the next Media Molecule title, and if so could be a social music game where you make music online with other people. You may be able to customise your character yourself. I don't know whether the title would be on PS3 or PSP, but it is most likely to be on the former.

Now I'm sorry if this has already been reported on, but it was certainly news to me, and was very interesting. The game has an exciting concept, and I can't wait to hear more information.

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