Wednesday, 17 December 2008

New Sonic X-Treme footage released

Yesterday, over on the Sonic Retro forums, new footage from the cancelled Saturn/PC title Sonic X-Treme were released. They show two previously unseen levels which were not meant for the public's eyes - only now has Chris Senn, a member of the original X-Treme team, allowed their release.

The videos are extremely impressive, and make me very sad that the game was never released. The fisheye camera and innovative level design make the game look like the killer-app the Saturn needed, and would probably have changed the course of Sonic games that we see today.

I really wish this game would get released in some form, maybe as a downloadable title. The game was apparently 60% done when it was cancelled, so it is possible to complete. The original team could reünite and finally finish the game off.

I saw these right when they released, but only now have YouTube mirrors been uploaded so I can post them here!

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