Friday, 21 November 2008

SEGAtastic is back!

Here I am, back off holiday. Now I can continue to post all the latest Sega news, but what have I missed since I've been gone?
  • Football clubs are now using Football Manager 2009, including its database
  • Sega may be making OutRun Online with THQ for multiple platforms
  • Sonic Unleashed on the PS2 and Wii are sans Empire City and Mazuri
  • A swastika has been spotted in the Holoska level in Sonic Unleashed
  • World's first Sonic Unleashed review gives it a 5/10
  • A Phantasy Star Universe expansion pack gets a price drop
  • PAL regions will get an exclusive House of the Dead: Overkill pack
I'm disappointed but not surprised at the Sonic Unleashed review. Let's hope The Telegraph were just being harsh.

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