Monday, 10 November 2008

Sega-themed levels being taken off LittleBigPlanet

Recently, Sony has been deleting any user-made levels on LittleBigPlanet that may infringe on copyrights. This includes Sonic and other Sega-themed levels, as well as the inevitable Super Mario Bros World 1-1.

Although I can see why Sony would do this, it is not actually them infringing copyrights. We are the ones infringing copyrights, but surely these videogame-inspired levels fall under fair usage? Neither us nor Sony are making any profit from the levels, and they are only made for positive reasons; however Sony may as well stay on the safe side.

Similarly, Activision is removing any well-known songs created with its song maker on the latest Guitar Hero game. From now on people will have to name copyright-infringing user-generated content more conspicuously, such as Diamond Hill Act 1 from Hyper the Hare 2 and World 11 from Mega Maria Sisters. But better than that, obviously.

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