Friday, 28 November 2008

Sega-based cheapness on Xbox Live

Argh! I can hear the colours!

In the US, today is "Black Friday", or the shopping-frenzy day after Thanksgiving. And that means sales, which aren't just limited to real-life shops. The PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade all have lower prices today, limited to just US stores. As if things weren't cheap enough all ready.

Sega hasn't got much stuff on the PSN, but on the XBLA you can download the synaesthesia-inducing Rez for just 500 points instead of 800 points. Similarly the Sonic Unleashed theme has been reduced from 250 points to 180 points.

Get downloading before the sales end, and enjoy your lower-priced and earlier-released games! I'm looking at you Super Ultra Street Fighter II: Turbo High Definition Remix PlayStation Network Edition 2008 Deluxe Plus!

Interesting fact: I have spatial-sequence or number form synaesthesia. True.

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