Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sega apologises for Football Manager activation problems

Has better graphics than Football Manager on the Spectrum, I think.

Many who have bought Sega's Football Manager 2009 will have had difficulty activating their game with the key that came with it. Very slow internet servers have not helped the problem either, allowing pirates quick and free access to the full game.

"SEGA is aware that there have been some problems with the activation of Football Manager 2009 today. This has been due to a combination of issues relating to the printing of keycodes and the huge demand for the game.

A solution is in place and is starting to clear the problem, we are confident that the issue will be solved today. The chances of successful authentication are increasing hourly. At this point consumers still experiencing difficulties are advised to leave a 10 minute gap between authentication attempts.

SEGA apologises for the disappointment caused by the problems with activating the game and asks for
Football Manager fans to remain patient."

People having problems can try this site. I have had activation problems with software in the past. One registration key of mine took seven months to be replaced with a working one. This was supposed to allow me to install the software on up to three computers, however it will only work on one! I haven't bothered complaining again in case I get another key that doesn't work. Oh well.

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