Friday, 24 October 2008

Sega reveal a new Sonic Unleashed level

TeamXbox has been given an exclusive look at the latest Sonic Unleashed level, "Adabat". It sounds like "had a bat" to me, as in "I Adabat for tea," or "He Adabat once, but it died". Surreal.

The level looks quite good, with some massive loops and corkscrews. That's what every game needs. Other levels in the game include Apotos, Spogonia, Shamar, the Great Wall of China and a New York-themed level. The names aren't as catchy as "Green Hill", are they?

I just hope the game's frame rate isn't as bad as it is in the video. It has been confirmed that the game will run at a disappointing 30 frames-per-second, which is pathetic by this generation's standards, and previous 3D Sonic game standards. 60 frames-per-second just gives games that arcadey, polished feel to games.

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