Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sega of America: E3 felt "a bit soulless"

Recently Sega of America president Simon Jeffery stated that E3 2008 felt "a bit soulless". The past two E3s have been strictly low-key affairs, with no public access. However, it was announced this week that next year's E3 would be a return to those of yore. It will again be a massive event held earlier in the year, but will only be open to those in the industry and will have half the number of attendees as E3 2006.

But these changes are welcome news to some games companies, including Sega. "Sega is pleased to see some spectacle return to E3," said Jeffery in an email. "[E3] should once again become the annual focal point for the industry, without becoming an out of control arms race".

E3 will be held on June 2nd-4th 2008.

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