Thursday, 16 October 2008

New Sega Swag get!

Today on my latest shopping trip I bought lots of Sega-based goodness! Charity shops in the UK are a bit rubbish for old games, with Mega Drive games being put with the videos and 8-bit computer games being put with the kiddy tapes. But sometimes you find a lot! I bought:
  • Mega Games 1 (Mega Drive) - £1.00
  • Out Run Europa (Game Gear) - £2.50 with below
  • Ax Battler (Game Gear)
  • Global Gladiators (Master System) - £1.95
Unfortunately I already had Ax Battler but it came with Out Run. I had wanted to buy the games for months in that shop but I only got a Game Gear last month! I got Mega Games 1 because I didn't have Italia '90, and Global Gladiators was sitting next to an Indiana Jones game I already had. Mega Games 1 was next to Power Monger (Genesis version therefore no buy) and PGA Tour '96, which I would have bought but I wasn't sure if I had it (I hadn't!). Also there was Sonic Adventure (got) and Rayman for the Dreamcast, but I didn't have enough money for Rayman.

My local Oxfam has loads of Sega goodness but they are all way overpriced! Some have been sitting there for years but the staff don't think to reduce the price. Oh well.

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